We believe that the things we carry, wear, write in, drink from, and otherwise interact with daily are more than just things. As anyone who has ever had a cherished leather bag or a favorite lowball glass can tell you, objects take on meaning beyond themselves. They are greater than the sum of their parts. They contain histories, anecdotes, personal mythologies-- the days you spent in a foreign country, forging a path across vast unknownness; the nights you spent trading stories with old friends while a storm raged outside. The moments that make up a life are spent alongside these well-loved pieces, and we wear them smooth with repeated use until we build something like a habitual ceremony-- the same way we may absent-mindedly touch the nose of a statue for luck until the spot shines. We imbue the everyday with a sort of magic.

Whether you are looking for tips to care for a cherished item, or are in the market for a modern heirloom to spend your years with, RYE & RIVET is a celebration of that magic.