If you ever attended a school where you were oppressively forced to wear a uniform, you know that people with true style can exhibit said style under any circumstances. Such is the resilience of the human spirit. In every grade, there’s that one smarmy asshole who, against all odds, is able to not only pull off the uniform but also get away with personalizing it in some small way. Never getting caught, never overtly breaking the dress code…one sly fellow. As fall and (don’t say it) the holiday season begin to creep up on us (a time of year that rivals your adolescence for the number of times people tell you what to wear to every occasion), let that smarmy asshole be your spiritual guide. No, we’re not suggesting you cut the sleeves off your dress shirt and go rogue, nor are we advising you to flip your elders the bird behind their backs. Keep your rebellion subtle and stealthy. Like with this brilliant tie by Alexander Olch, for instance. At its heart, it’s a grey wool tie (a staple for cold-weather and party-wear alike), but the unexpected dot pattern lends it a whimsy that, yes, doesn't overtly break any rules but definitely disturbs the spirit (if not the letter) of your next Family Occasion. Tuck it into a wild intarsia sweater to really give your Aunt Elena a heart attack…or just pair it with a not-so-subtly striped button-down. Also known as the sartorial equivalent of flipping the bird quietly behind someone’s back. Get it here.