Q: Wait, I thought RYE & RIVET was a blog...?



Q: Hold on there, pal. If there's one thing I know about reading blogs, it's that the minute a blog start selling something, it is not good.

A: It was. Or rather, it is. RYE & RIVET started as a one-stop online destination to tip you off to all the coolest menswear, accessories, and booze under the sun. After some careful consideration (and a few Old Fashioneds), we decided that the best way to truly be a one-stop destination was to be exactly that-- the only place you need to click to deliver menswear-y deliciousness right to your apartment. Or houseboat. Or mansion. Y'know, to each his own.


A: Interesting you should say that. We spent a lot of time thinking about how launching the shop would affect the RYE & RIVET you know and love...and the best answer we came up with was, it shouldn't. Sure, we're excited about this shop and may taut it a little over on the blog. But with just under 400 posts under our belts, there's no way we could possibly sell all the cool stuff we've written about over there in our little webshop...nor would we want to! So we'll continue telling you about every cool thing we come across over on the blog, and we'll be sure to keep a tight focus on what we want to sell here on the shop. We've always worn a lot of different hats, and we've worked too long and hard to let the R&R blog turn into a glorified billboard. Think of RYE & RIVET as an umbrella term for all that we do-- the blog, the shop, the pop-ups. 

Speaking of which: While this is our first foray into ecommerce, RYE & RIVET has actually pulled off a number of IRL, brick-and-mortar pop-up shops. And everything was all good, so no sweat.


Q: ...so, you aren't going to tell me your recipe for the perfect Bourbon-Basil-Blueberry Smash?

A: We'd be happy to-- just not on the SHOP page. (In fact, while it's not an exact science, we believe the recipe you're looking for is right here).


Q: Can I have some practical information, please? How do you ship this stuff?


Q: How come you don't carry So-And-So's Artisanal Pickles/Leather Clarinet Cases/Mocktails For Dogs?


Q: Sorry, I was just here for the cocktail talk. What's your favorite kind of rye?

A: All packages are shipped out via Priority Mail, so it should get to you 2-3 days after we let you know we've shipped it. At this time, we're not set up to ship internationally, but if you drop us a line we'll definitely try our best to arrange a special exception for you. You deserve it.


A: Probably because you haven't told us about it yet! Possibly because we don't have the space for everything we want. Maybe because somewhere along the line, an email ended up in a spam folder by mistake. Probably not because we think the brand you cherish/work for/own is garbage-- so, please, if there's something you think we should have that we don't, get in touch! (But seriously, mocktails for dogs sound like a really bad idea.)


A: Angel's Envy Rye is really, really good. So good. Too good. Lincoln Henderson was a legendary man.